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Our History

We are a non-denominational Bible-teaching church plant that was launched in September of 2012 in partnership with Parkside Church:

On Sunday October 31, 2011 Pastor Alistair Begg of Parkside Church in Bainbridge addressed the congregation regarding planting a church in Lake County. Scott Kennedy was announced as the Lead Pastor and Pastor Begg encouraged anyone in the region to consider joining the church. The purpose of this plant was not to form another campus for Parkside, but to start what would eventually become an independent Bible-teaching church in Lake County. 

A core team of people began meeting at Arabica in Downtown Willoughby in November  2011 to pray for the development of the church plant. The “Core Team” outgrew the meeting space and moved two months later to an area home. This group of roughly 20 people met to pray for ways they could reach out to their community and began to plan details for what would become the Core Team Gatherings.

In February 2012, Core Team Gatherings began at Maplegrove Alliance Church on Sunday evenings.  People curious or ready to be engaged in the church plant were invited to come and be a part of these formational meetings. 

On Sunday September 16, 2012 Parkside Church Lake County held its first service in Lakeland Community College’s Performing Arts Center.

Since that first service we have added staff members, started small group Bible studies, developed ministries for children and students, partnered with organizations like Ambassadors Football and the Painesville Free Clinic to serve our community, and much more. 

In 2016 we began to prayerfully investigate the possibility of finding a permanent home in Lake County. In February of 2017 we began pursuing the former "Hope Church" in Willoughby as a permanent home. Once we took ownership of the building it was decided that we would need to tear down the existing auditorium and build a new one that better fits the size of our congregation. The rest of the existing structure will be renovated. Demolition was completed in August of 2018, and construction began in October. 

In December of 2018 Pastor Scott Kennedy announced at a church meeting that as we plant permanent roots in Lake County it is also time to take another step towards independence. This next step involves changing our name from Parkside Church Lake County to Shoreline Church. This new name does not sever our connection to Parkside Church in Bainbridge; rather it reflects our growth from a plant of Parkside to a partner with Parkside. This change to our name and branding will take place in the first quarter of 2019.