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Parkside Church - Lake County

Counselor Resources

The resources below are for Parkside's Lay Counseling team. For more information about the Lay Counseling Team, contact Cairn Novak.

Key Articles

1) Affirmations & Denials- David Powlison. What is biblical counseling? What is it about and for? Why is Parkside Church committed to biblical counseling? David Powlison helpfully affirms and denies what a true, relational biblical counseling is all about.

2) How Christ Changes Us By His GracePaul Tripp and Tim Lane succinctly lay out a biblical theology of change. For those who have read or gone through "How People Change" this article is a helpful summary of how we believe change takes place.

3) What Does Godly Change Look LikeHeather Rice writes a personal anecdote of what godly change looks like. Using the foundation put forward by Lane and Tripp, Rice helpfully plays out in a personal case study what godly change looks like in her life.

Helpful Counseling Resources & Websites*

Christian Counseling and Education Foundation

Association of Biblical Counselors

The Biblical Counseling Coalition

Peacemaker Ministries

Harvest USA

Faith Counseling Ministries

*Parkside Church does not endorse all of the included content on these websites.