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Trash Talking the Gospel

Posted by Chris Durbin on

Andrew Luck might be the nicest guy in football. Recently a report came out that describes how the star quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts has a very unique approach to “trash talk”. In football players often use aggressive or insulting trash talk to get in their opponents head...

Carrying Darkness

Posted by Chris Durbin on

One of my favorite movies is The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. My favorite scene in the movie is at the end when Frodo and his friend Sam are climbing Mt. Doom in order to destroy the Ring of Power. Frodo, the person chosen to carry the evil ring to its destruction, is...

I've Got Good News and Good News

Posted by Chris Durbin on

This past year I’ve become a fan of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Recently, Jimmy introduced a new sketch on his show in response to the many tragic and shocking stories in the news today. It’s called “I’ve Got Good News and Good News,” and consists...

Gifting Innocence

Posted by Chris Durbin on

This past week the legendary rock band U2 made an unprecedented move by releasing their latest album for free to everyone on iTunes. In an instant the album was automatically downloaded into the music libraries of half a billion people in 119 countries. Response to the move has been mixed, with...

One Big Baby Step

Posted by Chris Durbin on

There’s a great scene in the classic movie What About Bob where Bill Murray’s character Bob is having a conversation with his psychologist’s humorously morbid son, Sigmund. Sigmund is grappling with the concept of death and says to Bob, “Do you know how fast...