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Christmas Invitation

Posted by Chris Durbin on

The Christmas season provides a unique time of celebration and invitation as we come together to rejoice in the birth of Christ. This time of year carries with it a peculiar sense of wonder that bleeds through even the most commercialized endeavors and the scroogiest of hearts. It is a sense of wonder that is experienced not only by the church, but also by the culture in which we live. All around us the sights, smells, and sounds of the holiday season are presented as a communal sacrament. This sense of wonder persists this time of year, but for many people it is a nameless wonder, or even, an empty ritual. 

It is here where the church has a great opportunity. During the Christmas season the church has the chance to put a name to the celebration, to identify the source of the magic many people feel this time of year. We have the opportunity to show people that this celebration is more than a fleeting time of goodwill or an empty practice with no real meaning. We have the chance to share the good news at the heart of the Christmas story, to invite people to experience the source of all this wonder. As we invite others into our celebration we give them the chance to accept the gift that is the source of all other gifts: Jesus Christ, the gift of gifts. 

Christmas is a time of celebration and invitation. To this end we have printed invite cards with the details regarding our Christmas Eve service for you to pass out to any family, friends, neighbors, or coworkers whom God might lead you to invite to our celebration. You can find these cards on the welcome table on Sunday mornings, or at our church office during the week. We hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity, and that you will invite people into the Gospel story that is at the heart of this season of celebration.

Holiday Schedule:

  • Christmas Eve Service: 6pm at Lakeland Community College
  • Christmas Day: NO SERVICE
  • New Year's Day Baptism Service: 1:30pm at First Baptist Church in Painesville, OH. (Please Note: We will NOT hold our normal service at Lakeland on this day)

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