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Lake Kids Training Seminars

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This September all new and returning Lake Kids volunteers will be required to attend one Lake Kids training seminar.

The purpose of this training seminar is to equip teachers, helpers, and coordinators with a thorough understanding of the Lake Kids guidelines and the particular curriculum that they will be using in their classrooms. This training seminar will also serve as a time of fellowship and prayer as we prepare for the upcoming school year. 

There are two types of training seminars that we will be holding in September. The first is training for volunteers in the Nursery-Preschool classrooms, and the second is training for volunteers in the Kindergarten-5th Grade classrooms. We will be holding each of these trainings once, and then we will hold a third training at the end of the month for volunteers in any classroom who can't make one of the first two. There will be a total of three training seminars in September, but each volunteer only needs to attend one training for their particular classroom. 

The training seminars will be held after the worship service on three Sundays in September in the Center for Learning Innovation at Lakeland Community College (just down the hall from the Lake Kids classrooms).

The training seminars will last around two hours and lunch will be provided. 

Here is the schedule for the training seminars:

  • September 9th: Nursery - Preschool Training
  • September 23rd: Kindergarten - 5th Grade Training
  • September 30th: Training for all classrooms

As stated above, every new and returning Lake Kids training volunteer is required to go to one of these training seminars. So please sign up for one of these trainings by clicking the button below or by filling out the sign up sheet at the Welcome Table on Sunday morning. 

If you are unable to attend one of these trainings please contact Chris Durbin ( ) as soon as possible to set up an individual training session.

If you have any questions about the Lake Kids training seminars you can contact Chris or Tammy Johannes ( ) for more details. 

Once again, please sign up for one of these sessions by clicking the button below or by going to the Welcome Table on Sunday morning. 



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