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God at Work

We are constantly amazed at God's faithfulness and grace to us here in Lake County. Check out these stories from people who have experienced God at work in their lives. 


Angela shares the story of the incredible work that God did in the life of her father during the last days of his life.  


Cairn shares her encouraging experience serving at the Hispanic Soccer Camp we helped organize in Painesville, OH during the summer of 2014. 


Damon shares an opportunity he had with a suffering patient at work.


Dana shares what God has done through her involvement with Lake Kids at Parkside Church Lake County. 


Janna shares lessons she has learned about sharing the Gospel since becoming a part of Parkside Church Lake County. 


Joe shares lessons about church that God has taught him since becoming a part of Parkside Church Lake County.


In this video Pastor Scott Kennedy interviews Professional MLB player Travis Hafner about life, baseball, and Jesus.


Tom shares the story about a work God did in the life of an old friend.  

Tyler C

Tyler shares the story of how God's forgiveness transformed his life.  

Tyler S

Tyler shares his experiences serving as a youth leader, Sunday School teacher, and Community Team leader.